Da Vinci Last Supper – places to see in Milan

cenacolo vinciano


Even if you are planning to stay in Milan just for one day, you should try to organize yourself to see Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper, one of his masterpieces and one of the top attractions in Milan.
The location is quite simple and small, in Santa Maria delle Grazie in central Milan, not too far from the Duomo.
Commissioned in the late 1400 and finished in 1498, it covers the back wall of the convent’s dining hall. As it is a mural and not a fresco (it was painted on a dry wall and not on wet plaster), it is very fragile and just few years after it was finished it started to deteriorate. It has been restored several times over the centuries, particularly from 1978 to 1999, when the hall was rebuilt, not in the original style, and sealed in a climate-controlled environment. Visits are allowed in small groups of no more than 30 people and only for 15 minutes.


Tickets must be purchased in advance at the official ticket website : enter the “Cenacolo” section, here you will see a calendar with all dates available. Ticket price is €6.50 with an additional €1.50 booking fee. Depending on the season and on your luck, you will be able to easily find a ticket, sometimes even on the same day. If not, just search for it on other operators websites, but keep in mind that it will cost you a bit more.
Here’s some operators selling tickets:
You can also call the official ticket office directly at +39 02 92800360 Monday to Saturday from 8.00am to 6.30pm.
You will receive a voucher to print and show at the entrance. Be there 20 minutes in advance of your reserved time, otherwise you will loose your ticket.
Audio guided tours are available at €3.50.

Shouldn’t you manage to do any of the said purchasing processes, just go there and see if it is your lucky day… it is said that if people don’t show up you sometimes can take their place!


HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday, from 8.15am to 7.00pm (last admission 6.45pm).
CLOSED on Monday.


FREE entrance on the first Sunday every month, but still you have to book your ticket in advance ONLY by calling the ticket office.